Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the students of BDHS!

Happy New Year from the students of BDHS!

Hope everyone is having a good 2014 so far! I know, perhaps, I am a little late to say Happy New Year, but not in China. We like to stretch out the New Year festivities over a period of 6 weeks between the traditional new year and the lunar new year commonly known as Chinese New Year! So far, I love being a part of the New Year celebration in China. We welcomed the “first” new year here with a celebration including traditional Chinese dancing and lively music.

Two fellow teachers do a traditional dance and song at the New Year's celebration to ring in 2013.

Two fellow teachers do a traditional dance and song at the New Year’s celebration to ring in 2013.

Now, we are preparing for the lunar new year next week! The streets are full of vendors selling bright red decorations. Tomorrow, one of my students is taking me to shop for these traditional decorations for my house. I like the way the Chinese spread joy and happiness to others as they start the New Year!

Just a quick picture with the cell of a couple I liked! More to come soon!

Just a quick picture with the cell of a couple I liked! More to come soon!

So, I wish I could say I had a long list of resolutions for you this year. I would love to promise I will blog more, but the unreliability and lack of availability of the Chinese internet doesn’t allow that. Just during the last two weeks during exams, for example, the school actually used a machine to block all wireless internet and phone signals during the day. Cheating is not an option here! Actually, I believe they are about to start their last day of exams so I had better wrap this up. Last year, I lost about 25 pounds, but I was still 15 pounds shy of my goal. It is too hard to find the same foods in China I was using in America to diet (or any sugar substitutes or low-fat options in general). So, I am not resolving to lose weight either although I am continuing to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I will surely start running again, when it warms up. I have decided my only resolutions this year are to fear less, trust more, pray more, and love more! Cheers to a happy life this year. Let us live well!


About Armed with Truth

Hello! My name is Kat. I currently teach English as a foreign language in China. I decided to leave my job in law enforcement about six months a go to pursue a career in teaching. I just finished a bachelors degree in criminal justice. I have also finished four semesters at Liberty University in my Masters of Human Services. I am hoping to work with humanitarian work/missions in Asia as soon as I pay off my loans. I also have dreams of being a children's book author, someday.
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4 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Roxanne says:

    Ah, internet and cell phone blocking? What an interesting concept. Americans would lose their minds over that. Although, I do always find myself being much happier when my phone is lost for a little. A lot of anxiety follows the cell phone. Thanks for sharing your story and happy new year to you too!

    • Yes, I will have to do a post another time on exams in China. Not only do they block signals, they also check each student with a metal detector. They have to put their book bags and belongings in the hallway during exams as well. If you are caught cheating in China, you will definitely be expelled and it will be placed on your record. It will be very hard to find a good job after that. Still, it happens. A couple months a go we had testing at the school for adults, who wanted to take the college entrance exam. A few of them were caught cheating. They will not be allowed to take the exam again anytime soon. In regards to technology, though, I have had to adapt to the culture a lot. Cell phone and internet service is very poor here. I had a really hard time my first month or so in China!

      • Roxanne says:

        Oh I can imagine! Please do take the time to write something. It’s very interesting and extremely humbling.

        • I will write some when I return from my New Year travels. This next week I will be traveling every day to see some of my students and their families. In the invite, one of my students said, “Come to the countryside to experience peasant life!” Sometimes the way my students speak English reminds me of something from the middle ages, but I find it quite charming. I am going to the countryside!

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