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Hello! My name is Kat. I currently am a teacher of English as a foreign language in Northern, China. I have a bachelors degree in criminal justice. I have finished four semesters at Liberty University toward my Masters of Human Services (with a concentration in health and wellness). I originally was planning on going to law school, but God led me down a different path a few years a go.. I realized 3 years a go while visiting Liberty University (to check out the law school of all things) during missions week that God was calling me to fulltime missions. I already had felt the pull to ministry ever since a Navigators single ministry conference I attended in 2002 at the age of 18. . I am a military brat so I have traveled a lot. I was blessed to have lived in Germany for 8 years so I consider this my second home.  I have been to 17 countries and been on 11 mission trips (one inner-city statewide, one in my hometown, one in Central America, one in Northern Africa, and the rest were in several European countries).  I am living in C I could say my passion was missions but it is really people everywhere. I love loving on people.

This is my blog where I will write about things which interest me such as science, news, sports, life, politics, music, books, and movies from a Christian worldview. I am sure there will also be lots of posts just about my random happenings in life. Thanks for reading. Feel free to make any comments and if there is a topic you would like me to talk about, please, let me know! 🙂


22 Responses to All About Truth

  1. darthbergen says:

    It’s great to see young people interested in helping others through Christ. Keep writing and “loving on people”. It’s the way we make a difference in the world.

    • Thanks so much! I really enjoy reading your blog. Many of your posts make me miss Europe. I will try to comment more on it later on your blog, but I especially liked the recent post on the Berlin wall. I had the pleasure of serving on a mission in Berlin while I was a college student at Calvary Chapel Bibelschule in Siegen (in Nordrhein-Westfalen). Berlin is a place that is very dear to my heart and almost daily in my prayers!

  2. annie says:

    i just emailed you, but it’s a joy to read that the Lord is calling you into ministry and missions as well! He who calls you is faithful, who also will bring it to pass. 1 thes 5:24. blessings!

    • Thanks Annie! I actually thought he was leading me another way when I left CCBC. I wanted to go to law school, but my heart hurt when I tried to go another way. Like I was going against God’s way and going my own way!

  3. writingeek says:

    Thanks for liking my post! This looks like a cool blog. I love what you are doing! I’m hoping to serve a mission myself next year.

    • Thank you! I am not actually on the mission field right now. I am hoping to go abroad again soon! Right now I am studying counseling and teaching English as a second language at Liberty University. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. divinespark1 says:

    Hi Kat. Thanks for liking my post. Missions – that’s a great way to love on people. May

    • Thanks! I thought it was really beautiful and encouraging! I am not married yet, but your blog gives me something to aspire to, when I do meet the man God has made for me! Blessings!

      • DivineSpark says:

        I’m glad you found it encouraging. It’s my goal to document a journey with its ups and downs and all the challenges in between and provide the support needed to help us all to still come out on top, pleasing our God and King, regardless our marital status. Do feel free to follow by email, reblog or share posts and please leave comments when you can. Have a fab day.

  5. Ajaytao2010 says:

    Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.

  6. J.R.Barker says:

    I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog award.

  7. Thanks for checking out my blog and liking some of my posts!

  8. Hey there, I loved reading your bio! As someone who works in inner city missions, I think it’s so cool you did God’s work state side and abroad! I dig your spirit! Just saw you were in China. I hope all goes well there! Can’t wait to read future posts about the experience.

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

    • Thanks! I am sorry I took so long to respond. I arrived in Northern China to find sites like facebook, twitter, and even wordpress were banned. I only just found a way around what we jokingly call the great firewall in China. I think there is just as great a need in parts of the U.S. as there are here. I especially saw that a few years ago, when I spent the summer during ministry in the ghettos of Chicago! That summer broke me really and made me want to reach out in ways I had not done so before. Stay strong! 🙂

  9. Wow, what an encouragement. Thank you! I’ll be praying for you over there. You’re doing great work and we definitely have your back in prayer.

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

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