What is Armed with Truth Reading?

An old house, a crazy Uncle, another world, a genocidal maniac, a teenage girl, and yes, a squabbit..Meg was supposed to be exiled to Waverly Hall for an entire year. A year of boredom. A year of isolation. What she finds instead will mark her forever and may lead to the freedom of a world devastated by plague and kept under the brutal control of an insane dictator. Not bad for an eighth grader.

In this book Elliot shares stories from her readers about purity and responds to them with sound, Biblical guidance

The third book in the Bitterbynde trilogy.

Chin Cao Yu, priest and scholar, has sacrificed all he held dear in its pursuit. Now he undertakes the journey of a lifetime, a journey among the mysterious Neshelim, a people of power unlike any he has seen before. The journey will turn the world he knows upside down & challenge his dearly held beliefs.


1 Response to What is Armed with Truth Reading?

  1. All books are available from Amazon.com. I buy most of my books there, because they are cheaper and offer free shipping for orders over $25! Reviews for these books will be on my blog in the next coming months.

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